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Easy Exercises to Stay Fit this Winter

Here’s a quick workout that uses simple cardio and strength moves, and you can do it in any room while watching TV or before getting ready for bed. Put on your favorite music and try it out!

Do the following exercises in this particular order, and do the entire “circuit” three times. Take a ten-second break between each move.


This is a total body workout that not only shapes up your arms, chest, and back, but they engage your core/midsection as well. Start off with three sets of ten pushups done on your knees, and then eventually work up to doing them on your toes.

Mountain climbers:

A sweet cardio blast that’s great for your heart and body! Drop into pushup position and get your legs running: Bring one knee in toward your chest, resting the other foot on the floor, and then quickly switch your feet in the air—alternating back and forth as fast as you can. Keep your back as straight as possible. Do this for 30 seconds, and then eventually work up to one minute sprints.

Jumping Jacks:

Old-school gym class moves never go out of style! Try three sets of twelve, and then work up to three sets of 25. As long as you keep your heart rate up, you know it’s working!


Stand and simply start throwing punches in the air! The point is to keep your body moving in a fun and empowering way. Picture yourself punching through all of your problems or fighting toward your dreams. Punch rapidly for 30 seconds, take a rest, and then punch for 30 more seconds. Repeat. Work up to doing one-minute sprints.


This exercise targets the back and front of your upper legs & your calves. Simply cross your arms over your chest and sit down, like you’re sitting on an imaginary chair, and then stand up. Do three sets of ten squats.


Cross your arms over your chest, and do three sets of twelve sit-ups. Work up to three sets of 20. Make sure you use your core muscles to lift your upper body, not your neck!

Dance move:

It’s time to get creative and patent your own cardio dance move. The more fun and crazy the dance move, the better! Do your move like nobody’s watching for 30 seconds straight. Work up to doing two-minute sets. Your heart should be racing, and you’ll probably be laughing. Have fun!

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